gigabit network

Monroe County is now open for business for high technology companies in the Sparta and Tomah areas with the announcement of Gigabit Internet Service provided by LYNXX Networks.  Industrial Parks in both communities will have a fiber multi-gigabit network.  With the network in place, businesses will be able to experience Internet service driven at dramatically higher speeds.  What makes us unique is we are ready for this kind of service now, not in the future like other communities.


On January 18, 2013, the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski issued the Gigabit City Challenge, encouraging broadband Internet  providers to bring at least one gigabit speed Internet to all 50 states by 2015.  Currently, there are less than 50 cities in the U.S. that offer gigabit service.

Our commitment to growing your business in Monroe County!


“LYNXX’s mission is simply to exceed the business customer’s expectations and provide an extraordinary experience. The goal to provide the industrial parks in Sparta and Tomah with gigabit Internet service is part of this mission.  We are leaders in supplying the fastest Internet speeds available in the world.   This will have a significant impact on businesses’ productivity, employee satisfaction and the bottom line.  LYNXX gigabit Internet can seamlessly handle uploading large data files, IP video conferencing and accessing cloud based services awarding the business with the best internet experience right here in Monroe County.


As one of the few gigabit industrial parks in the nation, there is great potential for new businesses to capitalize on this asset.  LYNXX has positioned the bandwidth capacity to meet the demands of businesses well into the future."


-- Jim Costello, LYNXX Networks, CEO & General Manager 


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